Create Perfect, Branded Delivery Experiences For Your Customers

Customers in the E-Commerce Era Expect the Best – and Beyond

In the age of Amazon, customer expectations and standards have soared when it comes to delivery. While in the past we may have settled for lengthy waiting times with no visibility into order status, today we all expect convenience, timeliness, transparency and direct communication.

With deliveries increasingly becoming the only offline touch point customers have with brands, a stellar delivery experience is now just as important as having a standout product. In fact, 87% of shoppers stated that they’d be highly more likely to shop again with an online merchant following a positive delivery experience, and 76% view the end delivery experience as the true test of how much a company values them.

All of this makes clear how crucial delivery experiences are to customer satisfaction, and that companies in all industries must adapt to this new customer-centric reality if they want to remain viable in the long-term.

Customer Experience

Frictionless Delivery Experiences

With the Bringg platform, you can provide frictionless delivery experiences that ensure customer delight throughout the delivery process, while maintaining full control and brand integrity at each and every touch point.

Customers receive an SMS linking to a web app (no download required) which enables them to:

  • Track their deliveries in real-time on a live map for full visibility into the status and location of their order, similar to the tracking maps available on ride hailing apps

  • Communicate directly with the driver or support center so they can notify them regarding any specific requests or questions about their delivery

  • Receive dynamic personalized alerts regarding the status of their order

  • Provide the necessary payments and tips

  • Rate the delivery experience and provide feedback

The Customer Experience feature can be embedded into any app or website, and fully customized to meet specific brand needs and requirements.

Customer Experience

Improved Satisfaction

A frictionless delivery experience leads to delighted customers who are far more likely to remain loyal in the long-term

Real-time Visibility

Customers can easily view the status of their delivery at all times starting with the notification they receive when it's on its way

Open Communications

The ability to communicate with the driver at any time ensures customers that their needs are met throughout the delivery process

Customer Convenience

The experience is geared towards the customer’s requirements so they can be sure the delivery process is based on their specific needs and preferences

Branded Experiences

As the only offline touchpoint for many online shoppers, providing a branded delivery experience is more important than ever for building brand loyalty

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