Vídeo: Bringg – Solución de operaciones de entrega en restaurantes

Video: Bringg's Restaurant Delivery Operations Solution

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a restaurant ecosystem and how it streamlines order processing, driver efficiency and the customer experience – all the while providing management real-time visibility & transparency.

Feel free to read the video transcript below:

– Bringg’s delivery logistics platform provides restaurant chains with the most efficient way to manage their delivery operations. Let’s take a closer look at the Bringg solution in action.

– A customer places an order either via the phone or online through a restaurant order aggregator.

– The order pops-up on the packing screen, shows the relevant order details, and a bell sound rings from the dashboard, signaling a new order needs processing.

– The shift manager accepts the order. The dashboard now shows a list of drivers based on their estimated time of arrival and the system automatically dispatches the order to a driver based on availability. The system also batches orders together and times them so they can be delivered by the same driver.

– The orders are grouped in a way which ensures that the food remains fresh and is delivers on-time.

– The assigned driver receives an alert and the kitchen is notified to prepare the order, according to the driver’s estimated time of arrival.

– The order is then instantly relayed to the packing screen for packing. The dashboard now shows all the orders in preparation and the time left until they must be delivered. The dispatcher is able to manually reassign an order to another available driver at any time.

– Once the order is ready, the driver then picks up the order, clicks START on the driver app, and then leaves the restaurant to make the delivery. This can also be performed hands-free using geofencing technology.

– Customers receive an SMS message telling them their order is on the way. The customer is able to track the driver in real-time to know exactly when the order will arrive.

– The driver arrives at the customer’s location, and clicks ‘ARRIVED’ on the driver app. At this time a notification is sent to the customer, letting them know that the order has arrived. Once the driver gives the order to the customer, he goes back to the motorcycle and clicks ‘LEFT LOCATION’ on the app, and the order then disappears from their list.

– After delivery, customers see a rating screen where they can rate their delivery experience.

– Using Bringg restaurant managers can analyze delivery performance in real-time, in order to coordinate tasks and manage activities. For example, they can prepare new orders according to the driver’s estimated time of arrival back to the restaurant.

– Managers can monitor overall store performance through the Bringg dashboard, which shows average delivery time, average orders per dispatch, time out the door, and other customizable views.

– Bringg’s delivery management system provides real-time visibility, optimized driver performance, and exciting customer experiences.